Best Buy Award from Ethical Consumer

Best Buy Award from Ethical Consumer

When we say ‘Conscious Skincare’ we mean it! In an era of fake news and greenwash it is easy to use words like ‘Ethical’ and ‘Conscious’. It is harder to actually prove we live up to them!

Each day we make choices as consumers according to our personal views and ethics. For over 25 years Ethical Consumer have been at the heart of the ethical consumer movement, providing the tools and resources to help consumers shop ethically, with informed choices.

They also campaign to challenge corporate power and force businesses to improve their supply chain. Their mission is to make global business more sustainable through consumer pressure and action.

We were recently fully and independently audited by Ethical Consumer and are delighted to announce that the entire Conscious Skincare range has been given ‘Best Buy’ status.

In fact we ranked higher than all other companies gaining 1st place in most categories when compared to other well known skincare brands!

Shampoos – Awarded Best Buy and given highest score of 53 brands

Organic Shampoo with Cypress and Sage essential oils, Highly Commended in 2018 Platinum Awards

Our Shower Gel / Body Wash Range gained the highest score of 35 brands and given Best Buy

Award winning Mens Body Wash 

Shave Gels – awarded the highest score of 32 brands rated, ‘Best Buy’

Conscious Man Fuzz Off Shave Gel Double Award Winner

Skincare – second highest score of 70 brands rated, Best Buy awarded

Our soaps – given the second highest core of 58 brands rated, awarded Best Buy

Conscious Skincare Organic Handwash and Handlotion

You can read more about Ethical Consumer health and beauty testing at