About Our Packaging

About Our Packaging

At Conscious Skincare we are fed up with ‘Not Currently Recycled’. So what is it about our packaging that makes it special and why are we different to other companies?

One of the biggest criticisms of most companies these day is their packaging. Totally excessive in a lot of cases, with aubergines or bananas in plastic bags and trays!

It is really frustrating that over the years more and more packaging is marked ‘not currently recycled’. The supermarkets (and many other companies) do nothing to change this and the manufacturers themselves do not do enough either.

Leave no trace

We are delighted to say ‘currently recycled’ wherever we can and always will. One of our key values is ‘Leave No Trace’ and whilst we are not perfect, we do what what we can to strive towards that goal.

We thought long and hard about our packaging. A lot of experts told us that to look ‘higher end’ we should have all our products in boxes. Yes, they would look lovely on the shelf but what happens to that box as soon as you get home? It gets thrown in the bin.

What a waste.

And we could not bring ourselves to do that just for pure commercialism. So we let our customers choose if they want their products in a gift box or not.

Here is what we do now

  • Cardboard shipping boxes for all orders, fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper
  • Cardboard gift boxes and optional gift tubes, fully recyclable
  • Biodegradable brown, solvent free packing tape
  • Biodegradable clear sticky tape
  • Corn starch void fill (those little white pellets, fully biodegradable, water soluble and loved by the office labrador, Cocoa)
  • Aluminium bottles and caps
  • PET plastic fully recyclable bottles
  • Glass jars
  • We re-use little bags that protected pumps to put our samples in
  • Any waste product (a rare thing!) can go in the compost bin or is recycled
  • Acid Free tissue paper made from recycled paper
  • Biodegradable bubble bags
  • Paper Jiffy bags composed of 60% post-consumer waste – with the lining made from shredded newspaper. 100% recycled paper fibre cushioning. Fully recyclable (the ones we use for shipping samples)
  • Biodegradable bubble wrap
  • 100% Recycled printer paper
  • 100% Recycled paper used for customer letters
  • Corrugated card (made from 100% recycled cardboard) used to wrap bottles for protection
  • Corn starch, fully biodegradable clear bags for the pumps that go on the products
  • Corn starch, fully biodegradable little round clear stickers for fixing tissue paper into place

For any electrical items or consumables, we make sure our printer inks go in charity envelopes so that the charity can get paid for the inks they collect. Equally, with outdated or broken mobile phones we identify charities that can take them and turn them into cash.

….and here’s what we want to do in the future

Top of the list is making sure that for anything we can’t recycle or compost, that it has a recycling destination. We have found recycling companies who take bulk plastic, turn it into chippings which are then used to make other useful things.

To replace any plastic, we’re intrigued by potato starch tent pegs used at festivals and would like to see how this material could be made into bottles and jars.

We would like to be able to mix simple materials like cardboard and vegetable wax to create a container that can hold liquids successfully but looks great at the same time.

For what inspires us in packaging, check out our Packaging Inspiration on Pinterest!