Animal Testing Policy

Our Animal Testing Policy

Our Animal Testing Policy is ‘Tested on Humans, not Animals!’

At Conscious Skincare we have never and will never test our ingredients or finished products on animals.

  • We have never asked and will never ask any company to perform any animal test on our behalf.
  • We are not owned by any other company so we are in full control of what we do and how we do it.

Our products were featured recently in the making of a cruelty-free makeover film by Naturewatch to highlight and raise awareness of animal testing and the alternatives to using beauty products that have been tested on animals. It was great to be involved along with lots of other amazing brands.

This film will hopefully influence millions of peoples’ purchasing habits and was made with the help and support of many celebrities including Anneka Svenska, Rula Lenska, Jake Yapp, Daryna Milgevska, Daniel Field and Alexa Riva Ravina.

As part of our Cruelty Free International approval and to be able to use their ‘leaping bunny’ logo, we have to sign an annual declaration. This confirms that we do not subscribe to animal testing in any way. The cut off date of 2011 is the date we started Conscious Skincare.

Here is our Animal Testing Declaration;

‘I hereby confirm that the above named products comply with the criteria of the Humane Cosmetics Standard and have not been tested or re-tested on animals for ‘cosmetic purposes’ by or on behalf of the company or manufacturer named in sections A & B, since 28th March 2011.

I hereby confirm that we have collated raw material declarations for the above products and declare that none have been the subject of animal testing or re-testing for cosmetic purposes by or on behalf of our suppliers since the above cut-off date at the latest.’

Rebecca Martin, Partner.