Shave Gel Review

Shave Gel review

A great Fuzz Off Shave Gel review by Evelyn in her ‘Spring Pamper Feature‘ at We Were Raised By Wolves beauty blog.

‘If you’re looking for an eco-friendly shaving gel, check out Conscious Skincare’s new organic Fuzz Off Shave Gel which is suitable for all skin types.

This shave gel is packed full of beneficial natural ingredients which allow you to get a really good clean and close shave, but with minimal skin irritation as it feel’s lovely and soothing when you use it.

And of course ignore the ‘Man’ tag – this product is happily unisex and just as good for using on your legs as it is on your fella’s face.’


LaaLaaMonroe review of Neutralize ExfoliantIt is always a pleasure to work with top natural beauty blogger LaaLaaMonroe.

In this review she gives a great account of our Neutralize Exfoliant.

The exfoliant is amazing. It smells uplifting, it has a slight spicy but citrus scent, I apply it to damp skin and use my hands in a circular motions rub it onto my skin.
There’s a slight tingling to the skin, sometimes I leave it on as I shower for a few minutes and rinse off.
Smooth, clean skin. I don’t find my skin feels stripped and I use this every other day but I do find for myself it can be used daily as it’s gentle enough. I find it helps my face control the oil.’

You can read the full review here!

The Welsh Skincare brand I wish I’d discovered years ago…

wild organic beuaty blogWhen a blog review starts with a title like this you know it is going to be good!

We were fortunate when blogger Kate (Wild Organic Beauty) reviewed a couple of products from our range for the first time. Included were ‘This gorgeous Argan oil is sleep in a bottle’ and our Gentle Day moisturiser described as ‘This is the most buttery face cream I’ve ever tried’!

In fact Kate loved our products so much she went on to say ”I highly recommend any of the products from Conscious Skincare – I honestly don’t think you’ll be disappointed.’

You can read the full fantastic review at

We Were Raised By Wolves Blog Review

We were raised by wolves blogspot bannerIt is not often we get compared to the Manic Street Preachers, but in this great review top natural beauty blogger Evelyn does just that! ‘Conscious Skincare are possibly one of the best things to come out of Wales since the Manic Street Preachers and I’ve had the pleasure of trying out three of their skincare products lately.’ – FAB

Evelyn tried out our Make up Melt and wrote ‘I was amazed by how well this worked as it removed virtually everything, including waterproof mascara, in one swipe.’!

Also reviewed were our Chamomile Flowers Hydrolat which ‘is a great staple product to have in your skincare routine, especially if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin. It helps to calm everything down and gives the skin a wonderfully refreshing boost.’

Our Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil  was found ‘particularly useful for soothing eczema flare ups and I also use it as a scalp treatment and as a leave-in hair oil if my hair’s suffered too much blow-drying recently.’

You can read the full article here –

Conscious Skincare Organic Abyssinian Oil Review

shameless fripperies blog march 2015We were really pleased to have our Abyssinian Oil featured in great post ‘Face Oils at Every Budget‘ by Sydney blogger Karima at Shameless Fripperies;

‘The new kid on the block, Abysinnian oil is touted as the plant-based alternative to mineral oil – similar applications sans irritations and sensitivities. Frequently described as a thin oil?! No waiiii, it’s very viscous (even when applied to damp skin) and forms an occlusive barrier that makes it ideal for retaining moisture during the colder months.

Picture this. I’ve had a long day filled with pollution, stress, sun AND sunscreen. Take off shoes, complain loudly. Thorough cleanse to remove the city soot and bus-goer grime (welcome to Sydney). Problem: today has not been kind to my skin. Solution: Abyssinian Oil, without a doubt. City dwellers can relate. Continue reading “Conscious Skincare Organic Abyssinian Oil Review”

Ana Goes Green Blog review of Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Butter

It was great to have our fabulous Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Butter reviewed by beauty blogger Ana goes green!

Conscious skincare Sweet orange and Frangipani Body Butter* (£18.99 for 250 mls)

I really like the simplicity of the ingredients in this brand which is handmade in Wales and this body butter is so perfect for this time of year. Frangipani is a scent that I love but that I find can be a little overpowering, in this case though it is mixed with sweet orange oil making it such a perfect combination as they seem to balance each other so that neither is too overpowering.

The ingredients couldn’t be better with no water there are also no preservatives just gorgeous butters and oils blended and whipped to the most gorgeous texture, this really does melt just like butter on the skin with only a small amount needed to leave skin so soft and smooth this is a new winter favourite, I just adore it!”

Abyssinian Oil Review

What a great Abyssinian Oil review in this post ‘Face Oils at Every Budget‘ by Sydney blogger Karima. Discover the benefits as a face oil – the new kid on the block!

In a fabulous Abyssinian oil review this wonderful new oil is touted as the plant-based alternative to mineral oil. Karima compares the benefits of a number of face oils including well established favourites such as Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil.

Abyssinian Oil is similar in application to a mineral oil but without the irritations and sensitivities it can cause. It applies and absorbs into skin very well .

The oil is a really nice consistency and as it is quite viscous this helps the oil form an occlusive barrier – ideal for retaining moisture during the colder months of the year.

‘Due to the protective film, I’ve also used Abyssinian Oil as overnight treatment on the hands and feet with great success. Works wonders on cuticles, too! I won’t lie, the smell is a bit unusual (woody? Chinese medicinal tea?) but it doesn’t linger.

As far as face oils go, this one is pretty darn affordable. You can whip it out when your natural skin lipids have been compromised.’

You can discover more about Abyssinian Oil by visiting our product page by clicking here. Available in both 100ml and 50ml sizes and packaged in eco-friendly aluminium bottles.