Conscious Kids

Conscious Kids skincare for little people

At Conscious Skincare little people mean the world. Conscious Kids is our range of products for babies and children.

We believe you should only use organic, chemical free products on children’s skin. This is because young skin is extremely sensitive and has special requirements.

Young person’s skin is generally softer and less tolerant of harsh, modern cosmetic products.

In the last 50 years humans have introduced 75,000 chemicals to our environment. It is hard to adjust to this naturally. All our efforts are aimed at helping parents and carers of children to have quality, pure products.

Babies are born with perfect skin (mostly) so we see our role as enhancing and protecting that skin.

We are currently expanding our set of products designed specifically for children. Please join our mailing list and we can keep you informed of progress.

Conscious Kids Range Sample.

Here are some of our current range of products suitable for use with all little people; babies and children.

Rosehip Seed Oil is excellent for healing scarring, reducing inflammation (redness). It contains retinol which helps skin to repair and renew. It also has vitamins which feed the skin. This helps with balancing the essential fatty acids in the skin.

Lavender Flower Hydrolat is fabulous for nappy rash and gently cleaning baby’s skin. It’s anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and is great for protecting the skin. Much milder than essential oil Lavender Flower Hydrolat is perfect for young, sensitive skin. You can spray it around their bedroom to help them sleep. It’s great for bites and stings and is ideal to keep in your baby changing kit or handbag (or ‘man-bag’).

Evening Primrose Oil is an excellent moisturiser. It penetrates well, helping to soften skin and promote suppleness. It’s an ideal oil for baby massage because it’s easily absorbed and allows long soothing strokes. Evening primrose is ideal for spraying to form an effective barrier against skin drying out. Helping make the skin less prone to eczema whilst assisting with moisture retention.

Chamomile Flower Hydrolat is calming and soothing so it can help reduce nappy rash. Spray a bit into baby’s bath water to create a calming atmosphere.