Abyssinian Oil Review

Conscious Skincare Abyssinian Oil Review

What a great Abyssinian Oil review in this post ‘Face Oils at Every Budget‘ by Sydney blogger Karima. Discover the benefits as a face oil – the new kid on the block!

In a fabulous Abyssinian oil review this wonderful new oil is touted as the plant-based alternative to mineral oil. Karima compares the benefits of a number of face oils including well established favourites such as Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil.

Abyssinian Oil is similar in application to a mineral oil but without the irritations and sensitivities it can cause. It applies and absorbs into skin very well .

The oil is a really nice consistency and as it is quite viscous this helps the oil form an occlusive barrier – ideal for retaining moisture during the colder months of the year.

‘Due to the protective film, I’ve also used Abyssinian Oil as overnight treatment on the hands and feet with great success. Works wonders on cuticles, too! I won’t lie, the smell is a bit unusual (woody? Chinese medicinal tea?) but it doesn’t linger.

As far as face oils go, this one is pretty darn affordable. You can whip it out when your natural skin lipids have been compromised.’

You can discover more about Abyssinian Oil by visiting our product page by clicking here. Available in both 100ml and 50ml sizes and packaged in eco-friendly aluminium bottles.