Conscious Skincare Organic Abyssinian Oil Review

shameless fripperies blog march 2015We were really pleased to have our Abyssinian Oil featured in great post ‘Face Oils at Every Budget‘ by Sydney blogger Karima at Shameless Fripperies;

‘The new kid on the block, Abysinnian oil is touted as the plant-based alternative to mineral oil – similar applications sans irritations and sensitivities. Frequently described as a thin oil?! No waiiii, it’s very viscous (even when applied to damp skin) and forms an occlusive barrier that makes it ideal for retaining moisture during the colder months.

Picture this. I’ve had a long day filled with pollution, stress, sun AND sunscreen. Take off shoes, complain loudly. Thorough cleanse to remove the city soot and bus-goer grime (welcome to Sydney). Problem: today has not been kind to my skin. Solution: Abyssinian Oil, without a doubt. City dwellers can relate.

Due to the protective film, I’ve also used it as overnight treatment on the hands and feet with great success. Works wonders on cuticles, too! I won’t lie, the smell is a bit unusual (woody? Chinese medicinal tea?) but it doesn’t linger.
As far as face oils go, this one is pretty darn affordable at 16Pound. Whip it out when… the natural skin lipids have been compromised.’

You can read the full blog post here