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An eco friendly razor made from durable metal. Stylish ergonomic design ensures a great shave, supplied with 10 spare blades!

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You can help to save our planet by choosing this durable metal eco friendly razor!

Every year billions of disposable plastic razors are thrown away. Discarded in landfill and oceans, ingested by marine wildlife. Most are non-recyclable. This creates huge problems for our planet and marine wildlife. What is the solution? An eco friendly razor!

In this article CNN indicates an estimated  2 billion razors are thrown away in the US alone! The manufacturing cost to the environment is also very high as they use large quantities of water with carbon-intensive production methods. The use of different materials makes recycling very difficult. What is the cost of a cheap shave?

What are the key benfits of our eco friendly razor?

  • A stylish and ergonomic design make it excellent to handle and hold for a great quality shave. It has a nice, balanced weight.
  • High quality metal construction which is durable. If looked after this eco razor should last for years!
  • There are no plastic components in the razor or packaging.
  • Complete with 5 blades and a spare pack of 5 platinum razor blades packaged in cardboard (10 blades in total). A fantastic sustainable option!
  • Full instructions are provided along with shaving tips.
  • Good for sensitive skin types. Safety razors can cause less irritation to your skin as they have fewer blades. Multiple blades scraping your skin can increase skin irritation. They also strip your skin of natural oils.

We recommend using this plastic free razor in combination with our fuzz off shave gel for men or shaving gel for women. Also available in our Kit and Caboodle gift set for men.

This eco friendly razor is a sustainable alternative to disposable razors with blades which can be changed when required.

We send razors and razor blades with a tracked Royal Mail age-verified service. By accepting our terms and conditions you are confirming you are over 18 years of age. The price includes the additional cost for this service.


Made from durable metal alloy.


How to use

Using our Eco Razor: please click on the link below

How to use your eco friendly razor guide


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