Reusable Makeup Pads – Organic Cotton

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100% Organic Cotton Reusable Makeup Pads. Pack of 8. Fully washable in drawstring bag provided! Great value at £18!


Organic Cotton Reusable Makeup Pads! Say goodbye to throwing away all the plastic and synthetic wipes which sit in landfill for centuries! Fantastic quality!

Our Reusable Makeup Pads are Soil Association certified organic cotton. They are fully washable and reusable. The lovely washable organic cotton drawstring bag includes 8 makeup pads – perfect to last all week!


The pads have a nice and soft brushed cotton texture. They are thick enough to allow you to cleanse your makeup with one side and also to apply a toner with the other – dual purpose! A nice large size helps to ensure 1 pad is sufficient.

Our Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are a great eco friendly choice in our throwaway culture. They are made from very high quality cotton to ensure that they can be re-used many times!

Perfect when used with our natural makeup remover! Great for sensitive skin types and so much kinder than synthetic and chemical laden wipes.

They are made in a safe working envrironment and are also 100% Soil Association certified Organic Cotton.

If you treat the pads carefully they should have a long life! They can be composted or given another purpose when no longer required!

Dimensions: 10.5cm. Pack of 8 pads.




100% Organic Cotton, Soil Association Certified

How to use

Please wash rounds in the drawstring bag, 40 degrees

Fully compostable and biodegradable at the end of their life – just add to compost heap or use for cleaning!

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