Skin care routine

Natural skin care routine

A great natural skin care routine is really important to keep your skin healthy and looking its best. In the following guide we suggest products that will both nourish and replenish. We also suggest the order to use them.

When planning a skin care routine it is important to remember we are all unique. The following guide is not prescriptive. It is best to follow our routine and then decide what works best for you and tweak as necessary.

Steps 1 -4 : Cleanse

Cleanse - the first steps on your skin care routine

1. Start your skin care routine by removing any make up using our Make Up Melt. Put a few drops onto a dampened cotton pad or cloth and sweep over your face, eyebrows and lashes to remove mascara etc.

2. Use a toner to remove any final traces make up. We offer a different facial toner for each skin type or you could use Lavender which works for all skin types. Apply some toner to a cotton pad or cloth and sweep over face. Or you can use the atomiser spray we provide with the toner to spray directly onto your face. Remember to close your eyes first!

3. Using the correct face wash for your skin type, apply a small amount to fingertips, add water to make a lather and sweep over face. Rinse with warm water and avoid eyes!

4. Using an exfoliant for your skin type, apply some to fingertips and massage over face in light, circular movements. Be careful to avoid your eyes. Then rinse off with warm water.
We recommend doing this about every 7- 10 days. If you exfoliate too frequently, you end up removing new skin cells and risk drying out and irritating your skin – so be kind and gentle.

Step 5 – 7 : Moisturize!

Moisturize - the next stage of your skincare routine

5. If it’s daytime, simply apply a day cream! Please remember our creams are very rich as they are anhydrous (made without water). This is great as they last for a long time and contain just fab ingredients!

A little goes a long way. Use small amounts and allow to sink in for a few minutes, then blot off any excess.

6. At night you can give your skin an extra boost by applying an oil such as organic rosehip or serum suited to your skin type.

Apply a few drops to fingertips and gently massage in. Pay attention to those areas that could do with a little love. Allow to sink in for a few minutes and blot off any excess.

7. Then, apply a top layer of the correct night moisturiser for your skin type. Use a small amount, allow to sink in, and blot off any excess. All done!

You may find a night cream is sufficient without using an oil or serum in step 6, or perhaps you prefer the consistency of an oil. Visit our how to use your products page for more tips!

Perfect Skin

Please remember this is just a guide and if you have any questions do contact us. Enjoy!