Royal Ballet

Royal Ballet and Conscious Skincare

We are absolutely thrilled to produce an exclusive range of products for The Royal Ballet in London.

A selection of items were carefully chosen by The Royal Ballet from our body, hands and gift ranges.

These included our body wash, bath soak, massage oil and body lotion. Hand wash and lotion were selected from our body and hair range.

‘Sweet Orange and Frangipani’ and ‘Grapefruit Lemon and Cedarwood’ fragrances are included as both were loved!

A fantastic co-branded design reflects the contemporary nature of the Ballet and Conscious Skincare. Different silhouettes of dancers are reflected on each set.

”We are proud to introduce our new range of organic skincare products, made by the award winning Conscious Skincare.

Conscious Skincare packages all their products in recyclable materials and offer a unique, high quality brand that we feel a perfect match for the excellence of The Royal Ballet.”

The Royal Ballet, London.

Royal Ballet and Conscious Skincare in Pink