Vegan Skincare

A Vegan way of life and those who choose Veganism is of great importance to us at Conscious Skincare. Many of the values embraced regarding diet and lifestyle are very similar to the philosophies we follow.

Our Organic Skincare range is now ‘Vegan Approved’ by the Vegetarian Society. You can read more about the accreditation here. 99.9% of all our skincare is now suitable for Vegans, the only exception being our Grapefruit Shampoo which contains Honeyquat and is being discontinued. The good news is that our Pure Shampoo and Cypress and Sage Shampoo are both great alternatives which are entirely suitable for Vegan use.

The widespread use of Palm Oil (and the derivatives of) have horrendous consequences for wildlife and the environment. We do not use Palm Oil in any of our products, and never will!

You can read more Palm Oil and the other nasty ingredients we do not use in our skincare products by clicking here.