World Cancer Day – Inspirational Story

On World Cancer Day there are many, many personal and inspiring stories.

We wanted to share just one, from our good friend Amanda at Myon Pure. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

‘World Cancer Day – My Story

Aged 33, and just after the birth of my little girl, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma which was starting to spread through my body. I’ve been through the traumas of a cancer diagnosis at a young age, had numerous operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy but despite this, I consider myself to be very lucky. I haven’t “beaten” cancer, nor am I any stronger than the many people who have lost their lives to the cruel disease. I am just extremely lucky that by chance, I found the cancer early, and had the support of an amazing team of oncologists, surgeons, nurses and alternative therapists who worked together to remove the cancer and ensure (I hope) that it doesn’t return.

My cancer experience changed the way I live my life in many ways. It put life in perspective. It made me think about what was really important to me, and lead me to re-asses my work-life balance. What really matters in life? To me, it was spending quality time with my family and doing everything I could to live a long and healthy life. I’d always been relatively fit and ate a healthy balanced diet, but I had never been aware of the amount of chemicals I was putting in to my body through my skincare products. Once I started looking into this I was shocked by some of the harsh and potentially damaging ingredients often found in high street cosmetics and started researching the benefits of natural and organic skincare. Fast forward a couple of years, and Myon Pure was is an online boutique dedicated to souring the finest natural and organic skincare which will benefit your skin and body. Our range includes: bath, body and skincare for the whole family, as well as a selection of natural home products such as reed diffusers and candles infused with natural essential oils to delight the senses.

The Myon Pure vision is simple – to be trusted and respected for selling high quality, honestly natural skin and hair care products for the whole family. We want our valued customers to enjoy shopping with us and chose Myon Pure, not only because of our high quality, hand picked products but because of our commitment to high levels of customer service.

Our mission is to source THE very best Organic and Natural Skincare products that will truly benefit your skin. We look for products with the highest possible percentage of natural and organic ingredients which will be a pleasure to use. We embrace the goodness of natural ingredients that have a variety of therapeutic qualities. We want our customers to enjoy shopping with us and be inspired by our commitment to sourcing the purest possible skincare products on the market.

A large selection of our products, rich in organic ingredients, have been certified by the Soil Association or Ecocert. The vast proportion have had the stamp of approval from the Vegan or Vegetarian Society, and a number of our products have received great press coverage, winning a variety of awards from natural health promoters.

This is just the beginning for us, and we will continue to source additional brands and products that we feel are worthy of promotion. We hope you’ll join us on our journey’


Amanda the founder of Myon Pure