Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Conscious Skincare our philosophy is to make natural and organic skin care with a clean conscience.

‘I created the Conscious Skincare range as I suffered with very dry skin as a result of hypothyroidism. Nothing in the marketplace came close to helping. All the products I tried, even organic skincare made using natural ingredients, were simply not rich enough.

Talking with family and friends, I discovered many of them had suffered allergic reactions to mainstream skincare. In more recent years my partner, Quentin developed chemical sensitivity and suffered a severe allergic reaction leading to him being hospitalized. It really focused our attention on ingredients and the modern toxic world that surrounds us.

These events inspired me to create a high quality organic skincare brand. One built with an ethical philosophy, from the sourcing of ingredients to the eco friendly packaging we use.

When I was 6 years old, I loved making mud pies and rose water. At 13, I performed a facial routine every Saturday, and now (some years later), I still love to follow my weekend facial treat!

Entering the marketplace was originally quite daunting because so many companies are falsely labelling products ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ when they are not. Some of the better ones have some good ingredients but are often diluted with water as it’s cheap. They can also be made with commercial by-products such as mineral oil.

I would encourage you to really scrutinize product labels to double check what is in there before purchasing. Also, give some thought as to how long a product has been sitting on the shelf before you buy it. Part of our philosophy is to make products in small batches and get them to you as soon as possible. This way the active ingredients are as fresh as possible for your skin!

You can read all about the background to Conscious Skincare in a ‘Behind the Brand’ interview. Rebecca also talks with Radio 2 presenter and natural beauty celebrity Janey Lee Grace for UK Health Radio in the Spotlight Show – listen here!

It am thrilled that our products have gained recognition in the natural and organic marketplace and have won numerous awards. Getting accreditation from the Vegetarian Society, PETA and Cruelty Free International were all really important milestones for us.

I recently wrote a guest blog for Naturewatch Foundation discussing the importance of animal welfare. You may like to read it to understand why this issue is at the heart of our philosophy.

In 2014 we developed an exclusive range for The Royal Ballet in London which is not only a fantastic collaboration but a great demonstration of the quality and standards we aspire to. It also reflects the design-led ethos we follow, ensuring products look as good on the outside as they are inside.

Our customers have been of massive importance to us on this wonderful journey, giving lots of support and kind words along the way – so a huge thank you!’

Rebecca, Conscious Skincare founder

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